Application guidance


Only UK based organisations seeking funding for a UK based project may apply via this site. Organisations in Israel should see the guidance on applying in Israel.

It is important that you read the information about what we fund before submitting an application.

Please note that applications should not be submitted to both the Wolfson Foundation and the Wolfson Family Charitable Trust at the same time, and that applications submitted to one Wolfson charity may be passed to the other if it is deemed more appropriate.

Application process

We run a two stage application process.

Stage 1:

Stage 1 applications are submitted online. Please note you will need to register an account before starting an online application via the relevant programme area.

Information that we need at this stage includes a brief description of the project, including the total cost, the current funding shortfall and the proposed timetable. It is important that the application comes with the full backing of the institution and a cover letter signed by the Chief Executive or equivalent should accompany the submission. View the list of questions asked at Stage 1.

Audited accounts for the past two years should also be submitted with the online application. The accounts provided should relate to the ongoing underlying operating activities of the organisation itself and not a related fundraising arm or charity. We undertake a financial appraisal of all applications, and you may be asked by our Finance Director to respond to specific queries.

If your Stage 1 application is successful, we will invite you to submit a Stage 2 application.

Stage 2:

Stage 2 applications are submitted to the Trust’s UK office by email. Please read our guidance (PDF) on what to include in a Stage 2 application. You will also need to complete a Summary sheet (DOCX).

Stage 2 applications are sent out to expert reviewers, before being considered by our Trustees who meet once each year in September or October.

Key dates for 2019

Deadline for Stage 1 applications: 3 June 2019.
Deadline for Stage 2 applications: 12 July 2019.
Meeting of Trustees: September 2019.