Funding for universities and hospitals

Our main funding programmes in Israel are currently focussed on universities and hospitals, allocating about £2.5 million each year. These are proactive programmes and closed to speculative applications.

We support the most outstanding researchers to tackle issues of fundamental importance.  A prerequisite for top quality scientific research is access to cutting edge (often highly expensive) equipment. Yet finding support for equipment is often the most challenging part of the funding ecosystem.

So, over the past few years, funding for universities has been for equipment supporting nationally co-ordinated programmes on important research themes including attosecond science, single cell analysis and high intensity lasers.

Funding for hospitals is mainly for medical equipment, generally with a research focus.

The Trust is advised by an Advisory Committee in Israel, chaired by Professor Haim Ben-Shahar, and drawn from leading academic and medical experts. The Advisory Committee co-ordinates our programmes for universities and hospitals, and invited applications are submitted via the Committee before being forwarded to our UK office for further consideration.