Funding for other organisations

A small number of awards are made for cultural institutions with national importance, as well as for organisations working with people with disabilities.

The Trust works on a proactive basis with a small number of organisations that undertake excellent work in our areas of interest and as such, this programme is closed to speculative applications.

All of our funding programmes in Israel are co-ordinated by an Advisory Committee based in Israel, and invited applications are submitted via the Committee before being forwarded to our UK office for further consideration.

Should a grant be awarded, administration of the award – including the processing of grant claims – is undertaken by the Trust’s office in the UK. Grants can only be paid into the UK bank account of a British registered charity and all grants are offered and paid in UK sterling.

Cultural and smaller organisations that receive an award are generally not eligible for further funding until some five years from the date of the award have elapsed (though where the project is on a different site, the gap may sometimes be reduced to three years).