Stage 1 online application questions (UK applicants only)

For all applications

  • Details of the organisation
  • Details of the main contact
  • UK charity number, if applicable
  • Background to the organisation
  • Title of project (max 50 words) and project summary (max 400 words)
  • Location of the project, as opposed to the organisation. Where possible, a postcode should be provided
  • Details of ownership or tenure of the land or property where the project is to take place, and of planning permission where appropriate
  • Indication of timetable for the project
  • Financial details: total cost of the project, the fundraising target and the shortfall
  • Signed, audited accounts for the last two years should be uploaded (in PDF form), or a link provided to their downloadable online location
  • Signed letter from the head of the organisation – this should be uploaded (in Microsoft Word or PDF)
  • Previous support – you may like to talk about any previous funding received from the Wolfson Foundation
  • Any other information – you have the opportunity to mention anything you would like us to note if not already addressed (max 200 words) (optional)
Science & Medicine only
  • Information on the scientific/medical research that the capital infrastructure will support (max 250 words)
  • Names of the principal investigators (with links to their online profiles)
Arts & Humanities only
  • Listed Building Status, if applicable
  • Current and projected visitor/audience numbers, if applicable
    Health & Disability only
    • Care Quality Commission, Ofsted or equivalent inspection report (if applicable)
    • If you are a special school maintained by the Local Education Authority, you are not required to provide accounts, but please indicate this.